Consultation & Evaluation

Best practice in any sphere involves consulting those who will be affected by any changes.

It is important that everyone has a chance to get their voice heard, especially those who are often overlooked such as minority and hard-to-reach groups.

Dynamix is experienced in delivering:

· One day consultation events

· National consultations involving a representation of the people to be consulted across a geographical range. (e.g. young people from every local authority in Wales)

· Intensive consultations for one geographical area – reaching out to every representative group (e.g. in geographical area – reaching all parts of one community)

· Other bespoke consultations.


Dynamix can co-ordinate and run small and large scale consultations with a variety of target groups.

We use a range of participative methods to make sure everyone can get involved.

We can collate and disseminate results to provide the information you need to move your organisation or community forward. Most consultations include producing a report and please note the options include a full report, a young people friendly summary, a video report, a digital report, an audio report and a presentation by participants at an event. 


Past consultation and evaluation includes:

  • Welsh Government: Youth Service Standards – A large scale consultation that reached thousands of young people across Wales, which helped to identify common standards for the Youth Service in Wales
  • Llwynhendy Communities First – facilitating community groups to review progress and identify new priorities for the local communities first.
  • CAFCASS - consulting children and young people to inform a Participation Strategy for CAFCASS
  • Gwirvol - a consultation that gathered and evaluated the views of young volunteers and informed Gwirvol's priorities for the future.